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An Introduction Of Sorts…

• Introduction • Comments Off started originally in December 2007 and has evolved into something of an infrequent Tech-Blog with a dash of Pop Culture reference for good measure.

I must stress that this Blog only contains my own personal views based around my own understandings and in no way should they be taken as gospel.

I will occasionally re-post articles which I find of interest – these will be cited as such.

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Samsung Removing Bloatware

Jan 29th, 2015 • News • No Comments »

The fact that Samsung’s phones and tablets come with a lot of software features is both an advantage and a curse. Some features certainly come handy, but on the flip side, they have resulted in Samsung’s software becoming extremely bloated and heavy. With the Galaxy S5, the company started removing some unneeded apps and features, and made some of them downloadable so that they wouldn’t get in the way – but still be accessible if someone wanted them.

It has been reported that Samsung is working on optimising its software for the Galaxy S6 to near-Nexus levels, and that the company is removing every add-on feature that can be downloaded as an application, and slimming down the software by a wide margin in the process. Which features and apps will be affected by this is uncertain – Samsung builds in both standard apps and integrates some functions in the settings menu (like Smart Stay). The latter are less likely to be removed, but chances are that apps like Story Album, S Translator, or even S Voice will become downloadable apps instead of being pre-loaded on devices.

S Health and other such selling points will most probably stay on as pre-loaded apps, but the removal of stuff that most people never/rarely use would still be a huge improvement. Of course, simply removing features won’t do anything to speed up Samsung’s software, but combined with an optimisation of code – as Samsung is said to be doing – it is easy to see just how the Korean manufacturer is moving toward the goal of making its next flagship (and future devices) as fast as possible.

Source: SamMobile

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Nokia N1

Nov 18th, 2014 • News • No Comments »

Nokia has unveiled its first hardware offering since it sold its devices and services business to Microsoft, and it marks a shift away from any loyalty to Windows Phone: The $250 N1 is an Android tablet that looks unabashedly like the iPad Mini, and appears to be destined for Chinese users.

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iPhone 6 In Early September, Launch Late September

Jul 3rd, 2014 • News • No Comments »

Rumors and past release date info have thus far pointed towards a September launch date for the iPhone 6, which has now been confirmed by a reliable source that spoke to MacRumors.

Mass shipments of the iPhone 6 from China to the United States are expected to occur during the last two weeks of August and it is likely that Apple will announce the iPhone 6 during the first or second weeks of September. The first deliveries of the device will come later in the month on a corresponding Friday, roughly a week and a half after the event.

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‘MASK: The Movie’ Should Happen!

Jun 17th, 2014 • Cartoon • No Comments »

No, I don’t mean the one with Jim Carrey. M.A.S.K was a toyline that ran from 1985 through 1988, along with an 1985 animated TV show that lasted one season – although 75 episodes were broadcast.

The concept centered around the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, a group of anti-terrorist specialists locked in a battle against terrorist organization VENOM (which stood for Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem). They had two special weapons: helmets that gave them super-powers, and everyday vehicles that transformed into other vehicles that could be used to fight terrorism.

It’s actually surprising that no one has tried to reboot MASK already, because it feels perfectly primed for today’s audiences. Anti-terrorist operatives with technology that suggest spectacular CGI set-pieces – isn’t that exactly what audiences want these days? Just tone down the colorful original costumes, add some tragic backstory, and deliver to Michael Bay to produce. Profit awaits. I would be a happy boy!

Source: [Wired]

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May 8th, 2014 • News • No Comments »

ITV Encore, a brand new subscription channel dedicated to the very best of great British drama, is launching in 2014.

The channel will be available on Sky’s platforms and will be ITV’s first new channel launch in eight years.

ITV Encore will give viewers another chance to see, or a fresh opportunity to discover, some of the best ITV drama of recent times.

ITV Encore will launch on Sky Channel 123 on Monday 9th June.

The new subscription channel will be exclusive to Sky customers and will boast a fantastic selection of ITV’s best drama.

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Hubble Telescope Takes A Bad Picture

Mar 27th, 2014 • Photography • No Comments »

A piece of art? A time-lapse photo? A flickering light show? At first glance, this image looks nothing like the images that we are used to seeing from Hubble. The distinctive splashes of colour must surely be a piece of modern art, or an example of the photographic technique of “light painting”. Or, could they be the trademark tracks of electrically charged particles in a bubble chamber? On a space theme, how about a time-lapse of the paths of orbiting satellites?

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iPhone Almost Never Happened

Mar 26th, 2014 • News • No Comments »

Apple senior software engineer Greg Christie has revealed a number of details about the birth of the iPhone to the Wall Street Journal.

Christie and his team were struggling with the original iPhone’s software when Apple co-founder and then-CEO Steve Jobs told the group it had two weeks to figure it out, or it would lose the project to another team.

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Metro Stations Planned To Be Creative Oases

Feb 23rd, 2014 • Arty • No Comments »

A really clever use of abandoned space is being planned in Paris. What were abandoned, dirty, hot, claustophobic Metro stations are now planned to become clean, open and tranquil spaces.

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Centuries-Old Instrument Sounds Like Mario

Feb 23rd, 2014 • Music • No Comments »

Listen to this young girl playing her sheng, a Chinese instrument invented thousands of years ago. The woodwind may be ancient, but the sound is pure 1980s nostalgia—it’s the Super Mario Brothers theme, right down to the sounds of Mario collecting coins and mushrooms. Amazing!

Music was a big part of the old school Nintendo experience, and it’s eerie how the notes coming out of an instrument you probably never heard of sound so shockingly familiar. This young musician has certainly put in a ton of practice—clearly, all those hours playing Super Mario have paid off.

Source: [YouTube via TastefullyOffensive]

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WhatsApp + Facebook = ?

Feb 20th, 2014 • App • No Comments »

I suppose it was inevitable that an App as successful as WhatsApp would eventually attract some attention from one of the big boys. Mark Zuckerburg last night announced that Facebook would be purchasing WhatsApp for a cool $9.5 Billion. Not bad for two developers who left Yahoo to follow their own direction. To be fair to them they left it a long time to sell out; only recently adding a subs charge once a user had trialled WhatsApp for 12 months – pretty reasonable really.

The big question now is what exactly Facebook plan on doing with WhatsApp. Do they continue the current business model, or do they incorporate it into the Facebook App and leach off the juicy info that gets passed through the WhatsApp servers every day from the 400 million+ active users – for marketing purposes of course.

I’m sure we’ll find out eventually, but in the mean time I hope Jim and Brian enjoy the fruits of their success.

Source: [WhatsApp Blog]